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Visionary MBA

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Visionary MBA Academy

These three lessons are just some of the 30+ lessons in the full Visionary Horizons Academy.
Module 1: Visionary Leadership
Pitfalls for the Visionary
The Origin Story
Vision Finder
Module 2: Leadership Team
Trust & Conflict
Task Mastery
Module 3: Workforce Leadership
Employee Engagement
Coaching Skills
Module 4: Industry Pulse
Industry Research
Inside|Out SWOT
Industry Archetype
Module 5: Business Value
Business Value
Value Drivers
Recurring Revenue
Module 6: Strategy Planning
Strategy Curve
Value Proposition
Business Capabilities Matrix
Module 7: Profit, Cash Flow, and Finance
Cash Flow Forecasting
Financial Levers
Financial Reports
Module 8: Delegation
Job Traits Analysis
Module 9: Improving Processes and Solving Problems
Problem Solving
Process Improvement & Optimization

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